Gabriel Alejandro López López (Software Engineer)

About tiling windows managers

- This is a quick introduction to three of the more popular tiling windows managers: i3, bspwm and my favorite dwm. Just to know my vision about each one of these. I hope this helps you...

I have been using tiling windows managers for a couple of years now and I love it!


Tiling windows managers (just) focus on the layout of windows on the screen making sure of two things:


Because is simple, is less, is better (for me). Most of the implementations dont even decorate the windows. So, closing it depends on app specifics or a keyboard binding.


There are many options. I have tried extensively:


You can also replace kwin in a KDE session of xfwm on XFCE and rely on that DE setup instead of configuring everything from scratch. The methodnis different in each one, but is in general about this 2 steps:


I have learned a lot while playing with windows managers because they give you the chance to create your desktop environment from scratch and decide which pieces do you really need.

I’m open to questions!